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International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations
The International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations (ICDAC) is an organization established in 1999 by the Iranian government. Its goal is to promote the idea of coexistence of civilizations through mutual understanding of cultural differences. ICDAC was established in an effort to prevent the scenario of Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations theory from being realized, and to provide an answer to the theory. The main principle of the ICDAC program is to promote national-level and international dialogue between cultures and civilizations, respecting the United Nations Charter, and to support the development of global civil society through shared cultural experiences. The organization consists primarily of research groups, the main instrument of ICDAC activity. The work of the ICDAC includes organizing seminars and conferences, and conducting academic research which bears fruit in a host of academic publications.

The ICDAC website contains collection of articles in the social sciences, religion, politics and intercivilizational dialogue. There are many links to organizations engaged in issues of dialogue.
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