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Federation EIL, Worldwide Network of the Experiment in International Living
Federation EIL, the Worldwide Network of the Experiment in International Living (EIL) is the oldest international non-profit organization dedicated to intercultural learning. In existence since 1932, it currently brings together more than 20 organizations from all over the world. Since 1981 it has had advisory status in the Council of Europe; it also works with the UN as a Peace Messenger Organization and as a consultant to the UN specialized agencies, like Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and UNESCO.

EIL activities are overseen by a General Assembly. Individual member organizations enjoy a high degree of autonomy in preparing and carrying out educational programs. The objective of EIL is to promote tolerance by creating opportunities for people to experience different cultures, traditions and customs. EIL educational programs are directed toward people of every age, nationality and religion. They include intercultural exchange, language courses, volunteer work, work exchange, homestays, educational travel and study abroad.

The EIL website features program descriptions and links to partnering organizations.

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