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World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP)
Religions for Peace operates within the framework of the World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP). Established in 1970, it is the largest discussion forum for representatives of the world's great religions. It is intended to serve as an arena of understanding and as an instrument of religious and social conflict resolution. It cooperates with many nongovernmental organizations, foundations and government institutions.

Its activity focuses primarily on the following areas: conflict transformation and reconciliation; issues of children and families; disarmament and security; sustainable development; responsibility and human rights; and peace education.

The website contains analyses of issues arising from the implementation of projects in, for example, Kosovo and Sierra Leone, or on building a cooperative network for religious women. The site also features descriptions of the worldwide network of organizations working with WCRP. Of special interest are two Religions for Peace projects. The first, the Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI), run in cooperation with UNICEF, aims to help African children who are victims of manipulation and stigmatization related to HIV/AIDS and poverty. The second, the Global Directory of Religious Womens Organizations (GDRWO), is a guide to religious organizations for women.
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