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Institute For European Constitutional Law (IECL)
The Institute For European Constitutional Law (IECL) documents all proposed amendments to the draft European Constitution submitted by EU member countries and monitors debate about the future of the EU. Representatives of the Institute prepare expert assessments of new projects and advise public and private institutions about constitutional law and human rights.

One of the most important units of IECL is the Centre for European Legal Language (CELL), which translates legal texts into several European languages and works to develop a uniform glossary of legal terms. Current projects include a glossary of terms related to church-state relations (English, French, German and Latin), an English-German dictionary of constitutional law, and an German-Turkish legal dictionary. Another area of interest of the Institute is a comparison of church-state relations in various European countries; it collects databases and legal documents on the topic.
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Downloadable educational materials: Drafts of the European Constitution and related publications
Constitutions of all EU nations in the original languages and in English
Constitutions of most countries
Declarations of the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, and courts of member states
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