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Forum 18
Initially, Forum 18 limited its activities to the countries of the former USSR. Later it published reports about countries such as Burma, Laos, Mongolia, North Korea, China and Vietnam.

Forum 18 is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and works to promote respect for the freedom of religion of all people, based on Article 18 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Article 18 promulgates "the right to believe, to worship and witness; the right to change one's belief or religion; and the right to join together and express one's belief." The authors of the website encourage users to cite Forum 18 content, as long as proper documentation is included. The entire content of the website can be printed out. A free newsletter can be received through the website.
Language version: English, Norwegian (part)
News: yes
Newsletter: daily e-mail reports, weekly news digests with links to complete texts and information
Downloadable educational materials: Commentaries - individual commentaries on various aspects of religious freedom
Surveys/Analyses - analyses of surveys on religious freedom in various countries and regions
Hearings - texts of reports presented during meetings in Oslo, for example about the basis of religious freedom in international law
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