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Anti-Rassismus-Informations-Zentrum (ARiC)
The main aim of the Antiracist Information Center (ARiC) is to create a network of organizations against violence, discrimination and racism, and for the harmonious coexistence of many cultures. It also offers advice and support for organizations working with refugees and immigrants.

ARiC provides information, supplies materials, and organizes workshops, conferences and meetings for school groups, seminar participants and representatives of the press. Most importantly, it expands and disseminates the ARiCbase database, based on the model of the ARiC Rotterdam database. It contains around 20,000 titles, including specialized literature, brochures, video cassettes and press articles, and also about 3000 anti-racist and multicultural organizations.
Language version: German
News: no
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: yes
Contact: ARiC BERLIN e.V.
Chauseestrasse 29
D-10115 Berlin
Tel.:+49 30 30 87 99-0
Fax:+49 30 30 87 99-12