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Center for Culture and Dialogue
The aim of this Jesuit-run institution is to create a physical and spiritual space for all kinds of activities intended to bring different cultures together. The Center endeavors create a real dialogue, which, on the basis of acceptance among the dialogue partners, will lead to mutual enrichment and the birth of a new culture. The Center organizes various symposia and lectures, written and audio transcripts of which are available on the website. Books can be ordered. The Center supports the work of several institutions working under the auspices of the Cracow Jesuits, and carries out educational activities in conjunction with the Ignatianum University School of Philosophy and Education in Cracow.
Language version: English, Poilsh
News: yes
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: lectures, speeches, reports, recordings, press articles, books
Contact: Centrum Kultury i Dialogu
ul. Kopernika 26
31-501 Krakow
Tel.: +48 12 4294-416
Fax: +48 12 4295-003