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Amcha. Israeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation
AMCHA is a codeword Jews used to identify each other as survivors after the Holocaust. The organization that goes by that name in Israel is a help network of psychologists, educators and social workers, for survivors and their families. It is focused on the psychological effects of experiences connected with the Shoah. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is thus an important topic of the AMCHA site and of many publications produced by that organization.

The site has a large bibliography of books and articles on PTSD and survivors (particularly in regard to children), and the next generation living with the legacy of the Shoah. Some of the material can be downloaded as Word documents or purchased.

The site also offers a detailed calendar of conferences and a facility for registering for them. There is a section to help in searches for relatives, and providing information on recovery of property or art lost during the war.
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