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Beit Warsaw
Beit means "home" in Hebrew. The Beit Warsaw Jewish Cultural Association is a home open to all who wish to take part in creating a progressive Jewish community in Warsaw and across Poland. Creating a Jewish community means actively participating in all aspects of Jewish spiritual and cultural life, both secular and religious. It is an answer for those searching for their way in liberal Judaism or who wish to broaden their interest in the culture and history of the Polish Jews. The aim of the organization is to revive the tradidition of the prewar progressive Jewish community connected with the Great Synagogue in Warsaw. The site contains information about observances of Jewish holidays and other events organized by the Association.
Language version: Polish, English
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Contact: Towarzystwo Kultury Żydowskiej
Beit Warszawa
ul. Wiertnicza 113
Tel.: +48 22 851 10 50