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D@dalos. International UNESCO Education Server for Civic, Peace and Human Rights Education
D@dalos, a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Sarajevo and representatives in Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, strives towards a culture of peace, democracy, and active citizenship through peace education programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other countries of Southeastern Europe. It empowers young people to organize sustainable social action promoting values such as equality, justice, and civic responsibility in society. Although the educational server is the primary concern of the organization, it is not the only project of D@dalos.
Language version: English, German, Albanian, Serbian
News: no
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: yes
Contact: Headquarters Sarajevo
U.G. D@dalos
Aleja Lipa 57
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel./Fax: +387 33 643 456