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Forum for Dialogue Among Nations
The foundation aims to create a climate of tolerance, to promote democratic values, and to draw together the nations that, throughout the centuries, have lived side by side and co-written the history, tradition and culture of Poland. By presenting the little-known histories of Gliwice and the region of Silesia, it hopes to encourage coexistence without stereotypes, prejudice and fear. In its educational activities, the foundation focuses on youth, based on the conviction that this is the most open and receptive group. Ongoing projects include these: "Meetings on the border", a series of meetings aiming to familiarize Silesians with the culture and issues of particular national minorities; "Tolerance workshops" in the form of two-day retreats, addressed to high school students. The workshops consist of simulation games, tests and psychological games familiarizing participants with the issues of tolerance, stereotypes, and life in a multicultural society. Another interesting initiative was the academic session commemorating the 60th anniversary of Kristallnacht, striving to introduce the history of Silesian Jews. The website contains well-developed educational resources for teachers and students, as well as references to other Polish sites devoted to tolerance and multicultural education. The website provides an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in Polish-Jewish dialogue, and a discussion forum in English.
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