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MacArthur Foundation
The MacArthur Foundation began its activity within the Russian Federation and countries of the former USSR in 1992. It supports independent research and creative solutions to social problems by providing financial aid.
The Foundation awards grants, within its Program on Global Security and Sustainability, to initiatives in Russia dealing with international peace and security, population and reproductive health, and the consequences of globalization. It encourages world peace, healthy ecosystems, responsible reproductive decision-making, and the protection of human rights. The Foundation also aims to improve relations between the United States and Russia.
Also within the Program on Global Security and Sustainability, the MacArthur Foundation gives donations to research and writing dedicated to human rights, civil liberties, economic and social rights, women and minority rights, the influence of economic changes of the position of women and minorities, violation of human rights, equality of women and minorities, legal protection of human rights, and the development of the rule of law.
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