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Union of German Social and Cultural Associations in Poland
The Union Of German Social and Cultural Associations In Poland is active in the Republic of Poland. The Union represents members’ interests in relations with Polish national and local governments, Polish associations and other social and cultural organizations, German government organs, organizations in specific European Union countries, and German diplomatic and consular corps representatives in Poland. The web page includes links to magazines and radio stations of the German minority.

German minority members: 400,000 citizens
Populated areas: Upper Silesia, Warmia-Masuria, Szczecin/Pomerania, Eastern Prussia/Gdansk (together with Torun and Bydgoszcz), Lower Silesia, Poznan region.

Language version: Polish, German
News: yes
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: no
Contact: Związek Niemieckich Stowarzyszeń Społeczno-Kulturalnych w Polsce (VdG)
ul. Krupnicza 15
45-013 Opole
Tel.: +48 77 4538507, 4547878, 4411182