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Le Respect – ça Change l’École (Respect – Changing Schools)
"Le Respect – ça Change l’École" is a project carried out by the French Ministry of Education, dedicated to fighting violence in schools and promoting tolerance among students. Among others, it is supported by media, Paris public transport, the Centre Pompidou, and the handball federation. Every project participant carries out pro-tolerance activities on its own behalf: competitions, posters, happenings; the methods and effects of the activities can be traced via the Internet site. Many contests are organized as part of the project, e.g., for the best essay against violence, the best student initiative for tolerance, the best slogan against violence. Reports are available on the web page.
The site contains a detailed presentation of the project (featuring an appearance by the Minister of Education, a manifestation against violence in school, and descriptions of participating organizations and similar projects), links to partner initiatives, including "Stop the Violence!"
Language version: French
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Downloadable educational materials: Video files (.mov, in French) presenting TV adverts against violence in schools, promoting tolerance and respect.
Contact: Le Respect – ça Change l’École
Ministere de la jeunesse, de l’éducation nationale et de la recherche
110 rue de Grenelle
75357 Paris cedex 07