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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
The page belongs to the website of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, publisher of materials (texts, textbooks, case studies, multimedia products) for teachers and university students.
The section dedicated to multicultural education was created in 1999 and new materials are added each month. It includes descriptions of multicultural education theories, practical classroom exercises and innovative teaching methods.
Another section is dedicated to U.S. schools and school districts that have implemented multicultural education. The online forum allows posting of questions and doubts, as well as ideas for multicultural education, directed to students and employees of American universities. Links to similar websites are provided.
Language version: English
News: yes
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: yes, the page includes the innovative method for teaching multiculturalism created by the author of the site, Dr. Paul Gorski. Teachers can find practical advice on how to increase their competence in multicultural education. The "Intercultural Activities" section describes classroom exercises on stereotypes and prejudice. It is possible to order other books and manuals via the website.
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