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Museum of the History of Polish Jews
The Museum of the History of Polish Jews will be a modern multimedia center of education and culture for everyone interested in the history and heritage of the Polish Jews. Located by the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument, it will be a meeting place and forum for those who wish to gain better knowledge of the Jewish past and present-day Jewish culture, and for those interested in furthering dialogue in a spirit of openness, tolerance and truth.

To help realize the Museum’s educational mission, an Educational Center has been established. Through pilot programs, and by expanding youth and student exchange between Poland, Israel and other countries, it will foster multiculturalism and support the struggle against prejudice.

The website has links to organizations concerned with the history and culture of the Jews in Poland and elsewhere. It also takes the site visitor on a virtual tour of the main galleries and themed galleries of the future Museum.

Language version: Polish, English
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Newsletter: yes. Museum of the History of Polish Jews Bulletin (new issue every 6 months)
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