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Open Republic - The Association Against Antisemitism and Xenophobia
The Open Republic Association's goal is to foster tolerance and combat anti-Semitism and xenophobia, mainly by initiating and supporting educational activities, documenting manifestations of prejudice and making the public aware of them.

The Association aims to foster openness to and respect for people of different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, cultures or societies, and to oppose attitudes that undermine human dignity. The members of Open Republic are teachers, writers, journalists and the clergy. They disseminate information on the sources of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and racism, and bring them to the attention of government authorities, churches, teachers, scholars and the media. The association cooperates with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the Polish Humanitarian Campaign and the Never Again Association.

The Association's "School of Openness" project analyses and describes school textbooks in the humanities in terms of promotion of the concept of an open civil society. The Open Republic site also has reviews of anti-Semitic or extreme nationalist publications.
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Downloadable educational materials: publications, association member reports, reviews of selected publications, reports, articles from the Polish press, internet database on available textbooks on humanities subjects.
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