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Związek Młodzieży Białoruskiej (Union of Belarusian Youth)
The Union of Belarusian Youth (ZMB) was created in 1992, at the initiative of high school students from Bielsko Podlaskie, Hajnowka and Bialystok. ZMB regularly organizes cultural events directed particularly toward youth. The Union was formed to uphold national identity and culture among Belarusian youth in Poland.
The website contains a rich collection of publications, news articles addressing Belarusian issues from Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita and other sources, and a bibliography on the topic. The online periodical Czasopis offers social and cultural information.
One of the ZMB’s projects is "Kupalle", a cyclical East-Slavic festival honoring the Kupala divinity with an outdoor concert, celebrated in the Belarusian way. Another, "Słonko dla wszystkich" (Sunshine for everyone), aims to build an information database about Belarusans especially those in Poland.

Language version: Polish, some articles in Belarusian
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Downloadable educational materials: Articles from Polish daily newspapers Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzeczpospolita; texts from the Belarusian socio-cultural magazine Czasopis.
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