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Searchlight is the main British magazine leading the fight against racism, neo-nazism, fascism and other forms of discrimination. Searchlight describes these occurrences to many areas, from education to monitoring of racist and other types of groups, organizing campaigns to combat all kinds of "isms", and helping to shape government domestic policy.

Searchlight has existed as an organization for almost 40 years. It was founded in 1962 when a group of people set up the Searchlight Association in response to neo-nazi activities. Searchlight has been published as a monthly since 1975. Today the organization operates in the UK and around the world.
· meetings (about 200 per year, mainly in the UK and other European countries)
· cooperation with schools and universities
· advice and cooperation with the media
· shaping state policy
· research, creating data bases on the activities of fascist and racist organizations
· organizing campaigns and different types of events and demonstrations
· publications including When Hate Comes to Town - Community Responses to Racism and Fascism.
Language version: English
News: yes
Newsletter: yes (from TUFS - Trade Union Friends of Searchlight)
Downloadable educational materials: no
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