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Simon Wiesenthal Center
Simon Wiesenthal survived a Nazi death camp, and after World War II he became a world-famous Nazi hunter. In 1977 the Simon Wiesenthal Center was founded. It is a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Los Angeles. It has a membership of 400,000, and offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Jerusalem, Paris and Buenos Aires. Through cooperation with state and private organizations, meetings, conferences, seminars and topic sessions, as well as its own publications, the Center strives to combat racism and intolerance, to address Holocaust issues, and to bring war criminals to justice. Its interests also include Middle Eastern issues, radical groups, and hate on the Internet. Assignment groups address the various topics. The website contains a Museum of Tolerance where, in addition to temporary exhibits dedicated to the Holocaust, it is possible to find documents, photographs and posters from 1933-1945, a chronology of the period, and a bibliography of Holocaust issues. The online store allows the user to acquire materials useful in conducting lessons on the Holocaust and intolerance.
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