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Step 21
The Step 21 youth club acts to promote tolerance and responsibility. The initiative encourages dialogue among young people on basic democratic values. It is popular throughout Germany, involving society in discussion and dialogue about the role of tolerance in our lives. One of the main issues addressed by Step 21 is what tolerance is, and whether we are able to be tolerant. Everyone interested in tolerance issues can join the club. On the web page, it is possible to join online chats. Activities of the club are supported by the Bundestag leader, who is an active participant in Step 21 events.
Language version: German, English
News: yes
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: sample teaching modules about tolerance, in German (via Ideen link)
Contact: Step 21 - Jugendinitiative für Toleranz und Verantwortung
Baumwall 7
20459 Hamburg
Tel.: 0700-21 0 21 0 21