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Association of American Colleges. The University of Maryland at College Park
The page was created by the Association of American Colleges at the University of Maryland, in order to coordinate activities promoting multiculturalism in institutions of higher learning. The program is part of a broader initiative, Diversity Works, supported by the Ford Foundation.
The website offers a compendium of resources created for academic instructors, administrative workers, student governments and alumni. Included are course syllabi, model organizational solutions, and other materials useful in creating settings that foster students’ understanding of the intersection between domestic and global issues and their sense of responsibility as local and global citizens. Another aid is a description of 200 institutions that act on behalf of diversity, as well as the quarterly Diversity Digest, available in traditional and e-mail versions.
Visitors to the site can participate in an online forum. Live discussions are also organized.
Language version: English
News: yes
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Downloadable educational materials: yes, it is possible to receive information about events, conferences, scholarships, publications, audio-visual resources, and web pages via the "Bulletin Board" link.
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