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United for Intercultural Action
UNITED for Intercultural Action is the largest European network of organizations cooperating in the fight against racism, extreme nationalism and discrimination, and working in defense of refugees. It brings together more than 550 NGOs from 49 European countries.

Within the framework of UNITED, organizations undertake joint informational and protest actions, prepare anti-racist and anti-xenophobia campaigns, and promote cooperation across international and cultural borders. The results of this cooperation include the "Action Week Against Racism", "International Refugee Day", "The International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism", and a campaign in defense of rights of refugees and the Roma minority. Protests to pressure the government (here the refugee rights organizations are very active), exhibitions, seminars and conferences are organized within particular campaigns. The organizations take part in programs for exchange of experience and planning future activities.

Since 1999, UNITED has been implementing an anti-racist project on the Internet. The "Anti-Racism Europe" Internet Centre has a number of links and addresses to organizations fighting prejudice and promoting tolerance, as well as the most current information on racism, minorities and emigration.
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