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Akcja Peula Nikajon
The concept behind Akcja Peula Nikajon (APN) emerged in 2004 in Częstochowa. The center in Częstochowa coordinates the work of groups active in other cities. APN is not a registered organization but a ’free group of people who want to do something about what’s beginning to happen.’

One of APN’s main activities is to paint over graffiti depicting the symbols and slogans that spread the ideas APN opposes. Akcja Peula Nikajon works mainly with young people who want to combat reemerging manifestations of totalitarianism. It is very important to make young people aware of what the symbols they paint over mean; that, for example, the swastika is not a trivial bit of graffiti but a symbol of hate, cruelty and antisemitism.

APN also cooperates with history websites, because its goal is to remember the 20th century’s painful and instructive lessons of history and to raise public awareness of them.
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