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Centrum Żydowskie w Oświęcimiu (Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation)
The Jewish Center in Oświęcim is a place of education, remembrance and prayer.

The Center’s purpose is to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust through study of the history and culture of Polish Jewry, based on the example of the Jewish community of Oświęcim, which before World War II constituted almost 60% of the townspeople.

At the Center, meetings with Polish, German and Jewish youth are organized, and there are film showings, concerts and lectures to familiarize the local community with the traditions, culture and history of the Jews. There are also foreign-language lectures on, for example, relations between Poles and Jews before World War II, during the Holocaust, after the war and today. The Center does genealogical research for people whose ancestors were from Oświęcim or southern Poland. It organizes visits to synagogues, exhibitions, the city and the cemetery (conducted in English, Polish and German).

In September 2006 the Center became part of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, in New York.
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