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Byrån mot diskriminering i Norrköping
Byrån mot diskriminering i Norrköping is a nongovernmental organization operating in Norrköping, Sweden, financed by the administration and the municipal budget. Its purpose is to provide support, advice and aid to people who suffer discrimination due to their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Byrån mot diskriminering i Norrköping implements antidiscrimination projects based on close cooperation with local offices. It aids in mediation between discriminated and discriminating parties, and also in resolving issues through the courts. The organization’s office does informational and educational work addressed to members of the public, government office representatives and business people. Typical activities include television panels, open seminars and workshops.
Language version: Swedish
News: yes
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: 1) Ethnicity
2) Gender
3) Disability
4) Sexual orientation
Contact: Byrån mot diskriminering
Trädgardsgatan 8
602 24 Norrköping
Tel: +46 (11) 10 71 31
Fax: +46 (11) 10 01 31