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Centropa brings together historians, filmmakers, web designers, journalists, photographers and Jewish community activists from different countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Their mission is to collect oral history testimonies: interviews with people of Jewish origin who were born before the Second World War. The interviews usually last four to eight hours and are translated into English. The interviewees are asked to tell the story of their family, to describe the place where they lived before the war, their customs and traditions, to tell why they decided to remain in Europe after the war and how their life was during communist times and after that system collapsed. The biggest current project is Witness to a Jewish Century, an online collection of family photographs. The organization also publishes the exclusively online magazine, It contains practical guidelines for traveling around Eastern and Central Europe, recipes, memoirs of Jews, short stories and historical essays.
Language version: English, German, Hungarian
News: no
Newsletter: yes
Downloadable educational materials: 1) mini-documentaries
2) large collection of personal family photographs
3) personal stories, autobiographies and poetry
4) reports and historical essays
5) recipes
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