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Centrum Badań nad Zagładą Żydów (Polish Centre for Holocaust Research)
The Polish Centre for Holocaust Research is an interdisciplinary center for study of the Jewish Holocaust in Poland during the Second World War. It addresses the subject in various aspects: historical, sociological, psychological, literary and anthropological. The Centre staff carry out research and publish their findings, and they prepare for publication primary sources, scholarly works and narratives often not available in Poland. They organize seminars and academic conferences, and cooperate with foreign institutions engaged in the subject of the Holocaust and genocide. Their educational work includes preparing a range of seminars and lectures for academic centers in Poland, and cooperating with individuals and institutions involved in teaching at every level of education. In December 2005 the first issue of the Centre’s annual, Zagłada Żydów. Studia i materiały, appeared, and at the end of 2007 an English issue will be published, containing selected articles from 2005-2007. In 2007 the Centre completed its three-year grant project entitled On both sides of the wall – Jewish society in the Warsaw District of the Generalgouvernement. The Centre administers the website, which presents a database on the Warsaw ghetto, and it works together with the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, Znak Publishers, Cyklady Publishing and others on publication projects.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Zagłada Żydów. Studia i materiały annual
2) online database on the Warsaw ghetto
3) recordings of lectures and discussions during seminars
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