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Centrum Dialogu i Modlitwy w Oświęcimiu (Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Auschwitz)
The Centre for Dialogue and Prayer is a Catholic institution originally founded by Archbishop Franciszek Cardinal Macharski in consultation with bishops from all over Europe and representatives of Jewish organizations. The Centre’s mission is to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. People from all over the world meet there. International and interreligious seminars are organized, and much stress is placed on Christian-Jewish dialogue. The Centre hosts meetings with Christian and Jewish former prisoners, young people from around the globe, professors, priests and rabbis. Since 1997, international and interreligious seminars have been held under the title At the threshold of Auschwitz. For the 2007 summer semester, a lecture series entitled Religious dialogue after Auschwitz was developed, under the patronage of the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow.
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