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Centrum Monitoringu Wolności Prasy Stowarzyszenia Dziennikarzy Polskich (Press Freedom Monitoring Center)
The Press Freedom Monitoring Center was established on May 1, 1996, by a resolution of the Board of the Polish Journalists Association. It defends freedom of expression in accordance with Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and in particular journalists’ freedom to access sources of information. It works to strengthen freedom of the press and the electronic media.

The Center organizes debates and meetings, during which the most important questions about the current situation of the media in Poland are raised, including the "Thursdays on Foksal Street" series. The Center has been running two large research projects since April 2007. The first is aimed at learning how the forms of employment of journalists on editorial staffs are structured, and how journalists’ services and press material are obtained. The second project involves gathering information about restrictions on press criticism or access to information. It is a collection of data on formal charges, lawsuits, dismissed cases, final verdicts and cases in progress against publishers, editors in chief or journalists, and other persons. Access to this material was provided by prosecutors and courts. The information is important for evaluating the actual state of disputes and possible violations of privacy in published press material. The website contains testimony, petitions, recommendations and other publications prepared by the Center’s Consultation Council.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Polish bibliography of publications on freedom of expression and the press
2) The Law vs. the Media report prepared by the Program Section of CMWP, presenting legal threats to freedom of expression in Poland
3) Article by Prof. Andrzej Redelbach, "Freedom of expression in decisions of the European Human Rights Tribunal"
4) Law database
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