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Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej (CEO) (Center for Citizenship Education)
The Center for Citizenship Education addresses its projects to teachers and other educational staff. It aims to improve the quality of Polish schooling and to develop civic-minded attitudes among youth. CEO wants to provide young people with the knowledge needed for an understanding of social, political and economic phenomena, to inculcate critical skills and creative thinking in students, to help them form a sense of their own worth, to prepare them to undertake important steps in society, and to teach responsibility and concern for the common good.
CEO Projects:
1. A School with Class – the project promotes modern, effective education by teaching students skills for reading with understanding; scientific, creative and critical thinking; and civic action.
2. The School with Class Academy – the project is intended to enrich and broaden the curriculum in schools in small towns and villages.
3. My Poland – a patriotic education project implemented under the auspices of the Office of the President’s program "From Poland to United Europe."
4. Young People Vote – the project enables young people to express themselves on issues important to the country
5. Friends with Economics – the project is directed to teachers giving instruction on economics, the job market, financial markets and the stock market.
6. The Learning School – the project, run in concert with the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, is intended to build a national network of schools that support each other in raising the quality of their work.

The CEO website contains many interesting publications, lesson plans and other educational material.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Economics? No problem
2) Establishing and running a company
3) The stock exchange game
4) The learning school
5) For high school students
6) Understanding Islam
7) Read me a book, my friend
8) Citizenship education teachers
9) Global education
10) Learning school club
11) Dream school
12) My Poland
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