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Chór Żydowski CLIL (CLIL Yiddish Choir)
The founder of CLIL is Agnieszka Najmałowska, who graduated from the conducting program of the Academy of Music in Łódź. The choir was established in 2003 in Łódź, but singers from Warsaw soon became affiliated with it. The two groups practice the repertoire separately but perform concerts together. The choir takes an active part in reviving the rich Jewish musical culture. Its repertoire includes works in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. The choir participates in cultural events and artistic presentations. It has appeared at the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland Center in Ściborów near Warsaw, Nożyk Synagogue in Warsaw, the Lauder Foundation in Łódź, and the New Theater in Warsaw, where it took part in the Purimszpil spectacle.
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Contact: Chór Żydowski CLIL
ul. Twarda 6
00-105 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 500 112 150