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Eurodesk Polska
Eurodesk operates on three levels – European, national and regional. Its coordinator Europe-wide is Brussels Link in that city; nationally the Eurodesk Nation Partners are responsible. The first Polish Eurodesk information providers were established at the end of 2003. Local and regional addresses are given in the Eurodesk in Poland section of the website.

Eurodesk provides information directly by phone or through the Internet, and collects data on programs, organizations, and information sources accessible at websites and in bulletins and publications. The Europe-wide database is at and is continually monitored and updated. Anyone with internet access may use it, and Eurodesk staff can assist in its use. Another source of information for Eurodesk staff is its Intranet, an internal communications program; Partner Countries and the staff of more than 500 Eurodesk Local Relays have access to it.
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