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European Foundation Centre (EFC)
The European Foundation Centre (EFC) was created by seven European foundations in 1989. Presently it has more than 200 member and associated organizations. Through a network of 58 funding information and support centers, EFC facilitates contact between 50,000 organizations operating around the world, and 350 community philanthropy initiatives.

EFC’s main activities involve monitoring the EU and its institutions, and maintaining contacts with European and international institutions and forums such as the Council of Europe, the World Bank, UNESCO and the European Social Policy Forum. EFC also organizes meetings with representatives of European institutions. The Foundation runs Programme Orpheus, which, through the Orpheus Resource Centres in Europe, supplies listings and information about foundations operating in Europe.

The Polish member foundations include the Foundation for Polish Science, the Stefan Batory Foundation, the Rural Development Foundation, the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, and the Leopold Kronenberg Foundation.
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