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Europejska Fundacja "Pamiêæ i dziedzictwo" ("Memory and Heritage" European Foundation)
The mission of "Memory and Heritage" is to create an atmosphere of friendship among younger generations of peoples formerly at odds with each other. The Foundation works in the areas of culture and art, education, social welfare and human rights. It supports civic initiatives and nongovernmental organizations, international cooperation and environmental protection. It cares for neglected Protestant, Jewish and Lemko cemeteries, single and mass graves, memorial sites and sites sacred to ethnic minorities inhabiting Poland in the past. It conducts searches for the resting places of soldiers, civilians, prisoners of war and other prisoners; members mark and catalogue these places, co-organize annual observances, and support activities that facilitate understanding, forgiveness and mutual friendship between peoples and religions. The Foundation supports initiatives for international and intergovernmental cooperation, and takes part in building ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

Historians, archivists, archeologists, theologians and clergy of different religions, lawyers, physicians, teachers and youth workers, police and soldiers, school and college students, and other people of good will are involved in the work of the Foundation.
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Contact: Europejska Fundacja "Pamiêæ i dziedzictwo"
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