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European Youth Forum (EYF)
Through its activities, EYF tries to encourage young people to take an active part in shaping Europe and local communities. It works to increase youth employment in Europe, supports formal education and vocational training, promotes expansion of comprehensive social welfare for young people in Europe, and combats social exclusion among youth. It stands for the construction of civil society by and for young people. Enlisting in the struggle against xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination, it pressures European institutions to incorporate human rights education into the activities on their agendas. EYF promotes cooperation, cross-cultural dialogue, and exchange of ideas and experience between young people from all over Europe, to provide an equal chance for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe.
Language version: English, French
News: yes
Newsletter: Youth Opinion monthly
Downloadable educational materials: annual reports on implementation of youth policy, employment, education and the situation of youth; press information, opinion, positions on youth issues around the world (since 2000); descriptions of EYF member organizations and contact information; EYF programs in different fields for 2005/06; extensive collection of documents and references related to youth issues (e.g., documents of EU institutions); calendar of events with EYF participation; discussion forum
Contact: European Youth Forum
Rue Joseph II straat 120
B-1000 Brussels
Tel.: + 32 (2) 230 64 90
Fax: + 32 (2) 230 21 23