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Freedom House (FH)
Freedom House is involved in democratic initiatives in many regions of the world, from Latin America to Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Near East, Russia, Central Asia, China and Africa. Its website has a rich collection of online publications, reports and analyses of the state of advancement of democracy in specific countries around the world, including past and current issues of Freedom in the World annual, which since 1978 has assessed the extent to which freedom and democracy are upheld in more than 200 countries. Also accessible are descriptions of current programs and campaigns, press clippings, links to other organizations of a similar profile, statistics and research findings on press freedom, analyses of the situation in postcommunist countries and in states in political transition, special reports, and the Freedom Monitor bulletin.

The website describes a host of regional and global research and educational projects and gives many links and sources, grouped in several categories.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Freedom in the World
2) Nations in Transit 2004
3) Freedom of the Press 2004
4) Countries at the Crossroads
5) Democracy’s Century
6) Special reports
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