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Friends, Families and Travellers
Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT)is a nonprofit organization. Together with its autonomous Traveller Advice Team (TAT) it organizes legal aid for Travellers (New Travellers, Gypsy Travellers, Showmen and Bargees, Roma) by means of advisory, educational and informational activities. FFT works to create an objective picture of Traveller society in the media, and takes an active part in campaigns to regularize the legal status of Travellers in British legislation.

FFT’s projects include the Traveller Law Reform Bill (a draft law on the status of Travellers in Great Britain, together with the Gypsy and Traveller Law guide), the FFT Health Project/Sussex Traveller Women’s Health Project (to increase health awareness, provide information on the health service, and educate Traveller women in this regard), Educational Advice for Travellers (a multi-level educational project) and Cyber Pilots Project (an internet program for children having difficulty in reading and writing).

The website has many helpful links to government bodies, nongovernmental organizations and other information sources.

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