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Fundacja Bente Kahan (Bente Kahan Foundation)
The first task for the Bente Kahan Foundation is restoration of the White Stork Synagogue. After its restoration it will house the Jewish Museum, devoted to the history of the Jews in Wroc³aw. The foundation administers the Wroc³aw Center for Jewish Culture and Education, which functions in the renovated synagogue. The Center’s projects include Israel Day, intended to show the people of Wroc³aw the modern State of Israel through Jewish music, art, films and the Hebrew language. During Israel Day there are concerts, plays, film showings and lectures on various aspects of Israeli culture, and also workshops and discussions.
Language version: English, Polish, German
News: yes
Newsletter: no
Downloadable educational materials: no
Contact: Fundacja Bente Kahan
ul. W³odkowica 5
50-072 Wroc³aw