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Fundacja Finestra (Finestra Foundation)
The Finestra Foundation collects and compiles information on local community and civic initiatives, works for the development of local communities, ethnic groups and minorities, promotes local entrepreneurship, organizes volunteer work, supports educational and resocialization activities for children and youth with and without disabilities, and works for integration of disabled persons. The Foundation took part in the Civic Caucasus project, organized the Stop Racism, Stop Violence! family festival, and supports educational programs for children from care facilities (Green Sail campaign). It devotes much attention to issues of racial discrimination, European integration, environmental education and support for environmental movements, and protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms and civil rights.
Language version: Polish
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Contact: Fundacja Finestra
ul. Wodna 9
30-556 Kraków
Tel./Fax. +48 (12) 296 65 74
Tel. kom.: +48 513 192 212; +48 513 192 232