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Fundacja im. Heinricha Bölla (Heinrich Böll Foundation)
The Heinrich Böll Foundation supports organizations and individuals working for a more peaceful and democratic world, environmental protection, economic and social justice, and respect for human rights worldwide. The goal of the Foundation’s work is to increase mutual respect between people regardless of origin, cultural identity, gender or political views. Through its educational work the Foundation also opposes discrimination against homosexual people.

The Foundation supports art and culture, viewing them as elements of educational work and as a means of social communication. It pursues its goals through a wide range of activities including conferences, seminars, congresses, publications, studies, lectures and study trips. The Foundation promotes research, art and culture; funds projects and stipends; works for understanding between peoples by organizing seminars and internships abroad; and develops cooperative links with developing countries.
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Contact: Fundacja im. Heinricha Bölla
Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce
ul. ¯urawia 45
00-680 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 (22) 59 42 333
Fax: + 48 (22) 59 42 337