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Centrum im. Prof. Moj┐esza Schorra (Prof. Moses Schorr Center)
The Prof. Moses Schorr Center fulfills its mission through educational work (sponsored by the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation) and by presenting the life and work of Prof. Moses Schorr. These activities are for Jews and non-Jews alike, and are aimed at an understanding of Jewish culture, tradition and philosophy, and also at inculcating tolerance among the program participants. The majority of participants are Hebrew language students. To facilitate the work, an original Hebrew language teaching program was created, addressed to Polish-speaking students. The Center provides courses in the Torah, Talmud and other Judaic subjects. The educational center also has meetings devoted to Israel, with lectures, film showings and Hebrew conversation. Jointly with the Jewish Agency (SOCHNUT), the Department of Education and the Lauder-Morasha Schools, skills-improvement courses for Hebrew and Judaism teachers are organized. A permanent exhibition and a virtual museum called (in Polish) The Book of Life of Prof. Moses Schorr present the life and work of the Center’s patron.
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Contact: Centrum im. Prof. Moj┐esza Schorra
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