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Integratzia Foundation
The Integratzia Foundation was established in 2005. Its purpose is to develop long-term economic and social strategies, to improve access to education, raise the living standards of people in Bulgaria, and improve the work of local government by integrating ethnic minorities, mainly Gypsies, and inculcating prodemocratic attitudes in different social groups. The Foundation runs job skills courses, and works to preserve and rejuvenate the cultural traditions of the Gypsy minority. It develops projects and seeks sponsors to enable their realization. The website has information on implemented projects such as the creation of a Gypsy Information Center.
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Contact: Integracia Foundation
9 Sarnena gora St, entr. 5
Tel.: 082 / 844-386
Cellphone: +359 8 999 265 65
Cellphone: +359 8 999 289 89
Fax: 082 / 843-179