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Fundacja Rodziny Nissenbaumˇw (Nissenbaum Foundation)
The Nissenbaum Foundation appeals to the ages-long tradition of Polish-Jewish cultural ties, kindles interest in Jewish spiritual and material culture among both the Jewish diaspora and Polish society, and promotes and organizes Jewish youth visits to Poland. It memorializes places associated with the life and martyrdom of the Jews by reconstructing cemeteries and preserving other sacral and secular sites and buildings. The Foundation has saved dozens of cemeteries from being completely destroyed and forgotten, and has funded monuments and memorial plaques commemorating the martyrdom of the Jews and the sites where synagogues once stood. In its work the Foundation places great emphasis on disseminating, inside and outside Poland, knowledge of the ages-long shared history of the Poles and Jews.
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Contact: Fundacja Rodziny Nissenbaumˇw
ul. E. Gibalskiego 21
01-190 Warsaw
Tel.: +48 (22) 838 60 46, 838 05 74, 636 73 19
Fax: +48 (22) 838 59 57