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Fundacja Shalom (Shalom Foundation)
The Shalom Foundation works together with the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland. It organizes concerts, talks, meetings with authors, lectures and discussions with people from the worlds of culture, art, academia and politics. The Foundation supports children’s homes, especially the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home in Warsaw. At the initiative of the Shalom Foundation a Sunday School was established where Jewish children and teenagers can study Jewish history and culture, and can learn Yiddish and Hebrew. The Foundation’s Raisins and Almonds Club has been open to all since October 2003; it is a place where meetings, arts evenings, book promotions and concerts by young musicians take place. The "Singer’s Warsaw" Jewish Culture Festival is a regular event initiated by the Foundation. The Shalom Foundation also makes documentary films: "Nie masz już in Polsce żydowskich miasteczek" (There are no Jewish villages in Poland anymore), "Dokument podróży" (Document of a journey), "Pokolenie marca 1968 dwadzieścia lat później" (The March 1968 generation twenty years later), "Samuel Pisar," "Shalom" and "Shtetl." The last film is part of a project to restore the memory of the history of Jewish villages; among the towns filmed are Kazimierz nad Wisłą and Tykocin. The Foundation supports the construction of monuments commemorating the martyrdom and heroism of the Jewish people; at its initiative, in Falenica a monument honoring 4,500 Jews murdered by the Nazis was raised, and in Warsaw a monument to Janusz Korczak (joint project with the Polish Janusz Korczak Society) was unveiled.

The Foundation runs Shalom Publications; books can be ordered through the website.
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Contact: Fundacja Shalom
Plac Grzybowski 12/16
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Tel.: +48 (22) 620 30 36, 620 30 37, 620 30 38
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