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Fundacja Solidarności Polsko-Czesko-Słowackiej (The Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation)
The Foundation originates from Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity, which was founded as a forum for cooperation among the democratic opposition of those countries in the mid 1980s. After the collapse of communism, the founders of Polish-Czechoslovak Solidarity resolved to continue their activity through the Foundation and the Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Association. Currently the Foundation concentrates on programs to assist organizations and the media in the countries of the former Soviet Union. In this way it helps consolidate civil society in the region. The Foundation organizes computer technology training for Polish and foreign journalists (the Free Speech Techniques program), supports independent publishing in Central Asia, sponsors internships for journalists under its Independent Media program, and arranges study trips for foreign journalists and nongovernmental organization activists (the Without Corruption: Community Control of Local Government program). The Foundation is also engaged in charity work (summer camp for children from poor families in Belarus; food aid for Chechen refugees in Poland) and volunteer work.
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