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Gong was established in 1997. Its headquarters is in Zagreb, and there are four regional centers in Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Zadar and Zagreb. Its activity is based on three programs. The first is the Elections program, which monitors elections and educates about election law. Under this program, in 2002 the „I’m Voting for the First Time" campaign was organized; it used interactive workshops to encourage young people to take part in elections, and to inform them about election law, the electoral system and political parties. The organization focuses on developing European election standards; for this purpose it arranges public debates and works with university communities and experts. The second is called the Parliament program; its purpose is to make the activities and decision-making processes of state institutions transparent, and to facilitate citizen access to information and contact with government representatives. Since 2000 the Citizen’s Hour program, an initiative enabling citizens to meet directly with their legislative representatives, has operated under this agenda. The last program is International Relations, centered on international cooperation, educational exchange and workshops for members of organizations with a similar profile functioning in Central and Eastern Europe and in Asia.
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