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International Institute of Human Rights
IIDH endeavors to sensitize public opinion to instances of human rights violations and to combat every form of discrimination and xenophobia. The Institute collects documentation, organizes seminars, workshops and conferences devoted to protection of human rights, and it issues publications. IIDH research projects and cultural initiatives, such as an annual film festival in Strasbourg, are intended to oppose violations of the rights of particular social groups – refugees, prisoners or children. IIDH is interested in improving education, so it is involved in training teachers and university professors, and arranges internships for foreign students. For more than 30 years, IIDH has cooperated with different international and intergovernmental organizations involved in protecting and promoting human rights (UN, UNESCO, ILO/BIT, Council of Europe). It co-organizes many studies and seminars with university departments and nongovernmental organizations. IIDH cooperates with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Quebec Human Rights Commission.
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Downloadable educational materials: 1) Journal of the IIHR: Thematic Journal no. 2/October 2002,, material related to the right to life
2) Journal no. 1/2001, List of publications located in the IIDH headquarters library in Strasbourg
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