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Institute for Multicultural Development FORUM
FORUM’s main purpose is to work for a multicultural society in which all may participate actively regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, political views or sexual preferences. It runs six programs:
1. Youth and safety – to prevent crime and act against social exclusion of minors from ethnic minorities
2. Religion and identity – to prevent young Moslems from becoming radicalized
3. Social cohesion – to support integration of ethnic minorities through changes in urban planning and housing strategies
4. Education, labour market and social support – to prevent segregation in schools, combat unemployment among young immigrants, and provide medical and social assistance to older people
5. Immigration and legal citizenship – to provide legal aid and counseling in regard to immigrant law
6. Service centre local integration policy – to support local authorities in their minority integration strategies.

The Institute organizes seminars and conferences, publishes monographs, and develops teaching materials and aids. FORUM monitors and comments on current state policy on minorities, and critiques draft legislation. The Institute works with many Dutch organizations involved in the fields of social integration and multiculturalism.
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