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Inter Faith Network for the UK
The organization strives to promote interfaith understanding through different activities and initiatives such as the following:
1. creating conditions for interreligious dialogue
2. running an information service for people interested in issues related to building good relations between people of different faiths
3. supporting people doing projects related to interfaith dialogue
4. initiating regional interfaith cooperation
5. organizing meetings and facilitating exchange of experience about national and local interfaith dialogue initiatives
6. supporting member organizations and cooperating with other organizations
7. organizing conferences such as the Faith Communities Consultative Forum.
Language version: English
News: yes
Newsletter: Annual review, Inter Faith Update
Downloadable educational materials: 1) Building Good Relations with People of Different Faiths and Beliefs
2) Faith, Identity and Belonging: Educating for Shared Citizenship
3) The Local Inter Faith Guide: Faith Community Co-operation in Action, Second Edition
4) Inter Faith Organizations in the UK: A Directory
5) Faith and Community: A Good Practice Guide for Local Authorities
Contact: The Inter Faith Network
8A Lower Grosvenor Place
London SW1W0 EN